最近在为自己公司开发的产品做iso光盘,打算把我们的网络监控产品跟linux系统集成到一起安装,所以就把别人发布的iso解压出来修改光盘里的配置和initrd后,又把它做回iso了。 linux就是好,做iso的软件也是免费的,linux下的mkisofs程序可以制作iso文件和解压iso文件。把我做ISO的时候参考的内容直接引用过来,希望对大家有帮助 🙂 Creating bootable ISO : Linux, Solaris, Windows Whenever you’re automating OS deployments, you will at one point require to build a custom ISO, with your own kickstart, jumpstart or an OEM folder with apps and instructions to boot. Here are three mkisofs commands that you can use for each OS, and to […]